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Montag, Mai 22, 2006 

The Shamen-En-Tact(1990)

Scotland,Aberdeen 1990

Besides being one of the few early British dance albums worth its weight in artistry as well as sound, En-Tact is a truly historical gathering of the cream of the new dance music; mixing and production come from a cast including Paul Oakenfold,William Orbit, Graham Massey,Orbital, Evil Eddie Richards, the Beatmasters, Meat Beat Manifesto,Joey Beltram, Tommy Musto, the Irresistible Force and Caspar Pound. The Shamen fare well also on their own productions, and the singles "Move Any Mountain," "Make It Mine" and "Hyperreal Orbit" are infectious techno-pop anthems, while "Omega Amigo" is an early ambient classic. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

Paletajac sie po komisach muzycznych znalazlem zakurzone,samotnie lezace sobie w kaciku plyty tego zapomnianego szkockiego bandu.Plyty,ktorych od dawien dawna szukalem bezskutecznie w wielkich sklepach muzycznych.Dzis pierwsza odslona historii Szamana:przelomowy (choc nie debiutancki)En-tact z 1990 roku zawierajacy min Move Any Mountain(tu jako Progen) czy niesamowity Evil Is Even w wydaniu czeskiej(!) firmy Globus International.Pamietacie zlote czasy sceny rave?Nie?No to zaraz sobie przypomnicie:)

Track Listings:
1.Human NRG
2.Progen(Land of Oz Edit) (Mix by Paul Oakenfold)
3.Possible Worlds
4.Omega Amigo (Steve Osbourne Mix)
6.Lightspan(Irresistible Force Mix)
7.Make it Mine (v2.5 Evil Ed) (Mix by 'Evil' Ed Richards)
8.Oxygen Restriction
9.Evil is Even
10.Human NRG (Massey) (Mix by Graham Massey of 808 State
11.Make it Mine (v1.3 pirate radio)
12.Oxygen Reprise v2.0
13.Hear Me O My People (Orbital - Delays Expected) (Mix by Orbital)

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I was trying to download the album but it seems that it's not available. Is there anyway to repost the link, sir? Thanks for the great blog. It's coool.

I just checked it out and it's working just fine.There seem to be some problems with megaupload lately,try again.

PS:I'm not sir,unfortunately only UK born citizens have chance being honoured:P


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