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Dienstag, Mai 16, 2006 

Supergrass-I Should Coco(1995)

UK,England,Oxford 1995

Have you ever heard of Supergrass?If not you should check out this one right away.This is one of the most powerfull debuts I've ever heard,from bursting with punk-rock energy "I'd like to know",to silly,simple-minded "Have to go".Hard to believe but Supergrass seem to be overlooked comparing to f.ex. Blur or Oasis.
Lets get to the music.This piece really has got some stand outs,what am I talkin about,It is one big stand out!Opening tune "I'd Like To Know" which starts with garage 1,2 1,2,3,4!(btw it must have been kinda experience in era of blooming Brit-Pop) will tear you up into pieces.After that follows "Caught By The Fuzz",one of Supergrass' biggest hits telling about Gaz Combes the lead singer and guitarist being sacked because of smoking "Illegal substances" at the age of 15.Other highlights are a catchy -piano driven "Allright",the bands highest charting single in the UK(real killer IMO) and "Strange Ones" with loud,dirty Beatelish guitars and distorted,vicious vocals,but the rest of album is also absolutely a must.
I Should Coco is a silly ,immature,but blowing away album,which shows Gaz' songwriting talents( he'gonna show his REAL abilities on bands second album In It For The Money).Believe me,after the music stops you'll be more than likely obsessed with pushing the start button again.Just go ahead,don't fight with it:)

Track Listings:
1.I'd Like To Know - 4:02
2.Caught By The Fuzz - 2:16
3.Mansize Rooster - 2:34
4.Alright - 3:01
5.Lose It - 2:37
6.Lenny - 2:42
7.Strange Ones - 4:19
8.Sitting Up Straight - 2:20
9.She's So Loose - 2:59
10.We're Not Supposed To - 2:04
11.Time - 3:10
12.Sofa (Of My Lethargy) - 6:18
13.Time To Go - 1:56


"Sofa Of My Lethargy" is nowhere near "silly immature", a great example of a psychodelic pop ballad that wouldn't have sound out of place on a late Beatles record. By far the best song on the first 'Grass LP.

BTW I guess it's slightly better to say "Beatlesque" insted of "Beatelish".


*wouldn't have sounded

Oy!I didn't write that"Sofa..." is a silly record.I used such words just to express my feelings on the whole album.What the heck,I should Coco remains still a dope anyway.
According to use or not to use beatelish,I had doubts about it myself so I simply checked it out,both are correct.

Yeah I know you meant the whole record, but this particular track clearly stands out for me. Anyway, I use to think of "Coco" as a kind of a warm-up to their best and most accomplished work which is "In It For The Money". Having said that, must add that their 2005 LP has been criminally overlooked and personally I regard is as their second best album.

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