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Montag, Juni 19, 2006 

Czesław Niemen-Terra Deflorata(1989)

Belarus, Stare Wasiliszki/Poland, Warsaw/Warszawa 1989

Czeslaw Niemen has radically changed his music over the years. From easy accessible pop in the sixties, to jazz-soul-rock, to pure avant-garde, to straight fusion, to all- synthesizer music. The latter he arrived at already with his 1976 "Katharsis". Since then I only knew of his 1979 album "Idee fixe" until I found this album in Warszawa this summer. "Terra Deflorata" is another all-synthesizer album. The album I think of when hear it is Geoff Downes's (of Buggles, Yes and Asia) "The Light Program". The two albums have a lot in common. I often find all-machine music like this sterile, and this is true for both albums, even if they have some enjoyable melodies. But there is one difference to Niemen's advantage: Niemen is not only a keyboardist, most of all he is also a singer, a good singer. "Terra deflorata" has both vocal and instrumental numbers, but it is the vocal numbers that brings life to the album, and which makes it deserve it +1 rating.
Erland Sommarskog Mo 1 Nov. 1993 14:01

Chyba kazdy z nas zna takie albumy, ktore mimo dlugich i zmudnych poszukiwan, wciaz pozostaja poza naszym zasiegiem.Czesto taka sytuacja prowadzi do wymyslania plyty "na nowo"i proby wyobrazenia sobie jak brzmi to tajemnicze,nieosiagalne dzielo, a czasami nawet do jego nieswiadomej idealizacji.Tak tez sie sprawa miala w moim przypadku z "Terra Deflorata",jednym z niewielu dokonan Wasiliszkowego Mestre wydanych przezen w latach 80,ktore na skutek niefortunnego splotu wydarzen znane bylo dotychczas niewielkiej garstce wybrancow posiadajacych wydanie winylowe lub szczesliwie nabyta plyte CD.Konfrontacja z rzeczywistocia rozbila moje wybujale nadzieje niczym bramka Neuvilla odslaniajac naga prawde tego owianego legenda wydawnictwa .Prawde na ktora szczerze mowiac nie bylem przygotowany.Rozpoczynajacy "Terre" instrumentalny "Pantheon",nie zapowiada agonii ,ktora bedzie z malymi przerwami towarzyszyc sluchajacemu juz do konca.Organowe solo,moze nie tego kalibru co na "Bema,pamieci zalobnym raopsodzie",zanurzone w syntezatorowej kapieli zaostrza apetyty,dajac nadzieje na muzyczna uczte.Co dzieje sie dalaj?Niestety niewiele.Widac ,ze Niemen korzysta z zabawek,ktore zgromadzil przez dekade(slychac min. programowane uklady perkusyjne,stworzone przez Linn Drum,kupiony przez Czeslawa na poczatku lat 80) i nie byloby to niczym zdroznym,szkopul jednak w tym,ze zabawki te przeslaniaja cel podstawowy-muzyke.Juz data wydania plyty wprowadza male zamieszanie, slyszac dzwieki i rozwiazania muzyczne dlabym glowe ze to polowa lat 80,a nie koniec dekady.Jak na A.D.1989, w ktorym zaczynali tworzyc tacy artysci jak 808 State czy The Prodigy,a rekordy popularnosci bil house oraz powoli wychodzacy z cienia acid nagrania sprawiaja wrazenie przedsmiertnych podrygiwan konajacego starca.Przykro mi to stwierdzic,ale "Terra Deflorata"jest klarowna zapowiedzia nadchodzacego upadku Niemena i jak dla mnie dopelnieniem jego obrazu z dekady lat 90.Obrazu nieco pompatycznego,zmeczonego zyciem czlowieka,pisujacego dla gazety lysawych redaktorow smutne, przepelnione wizjami apokalipsy wiersze.A mialo byc tak pieknie...

Track Listings:
1. Pantheon
2. Spojrzenie za siebie
3. Klaustrofobia
4. Status mojego ja
5. Alter Ego
6. Blue Community
7. Zezowata bieda
8. Terra Deflorata
9. Unisono (na pomieszane jezyki)
10. Poczawszy od Kaina


NOTE:Czlowiek jam niewdzieczny link from May 14th post is refreshed.

Bonus:Mourners' Rhapsody for HermantheGerman

Track Listings:
1.Lilacs And Champagne
2.I've Got No One Who Needs Me
3.I Search For Love
4.Baby M
5.Inside I'm Dying
6.Mourner's Rhapsody

Czesław Niemen -vocals, piano, mellotron, Hammond Organs, trumpet, moog Jan Hammer - drums Michał Urbaniak - skr Rick Laird - bass guitar Don Grolnick - piano Dave Johnson - drums Seldon Powell - flute John Abercrombie - guitar Steve Khan - guitar Carl Rabinowitz - guitar Erin Dickins - backing vocals Gail Cantor - backing vocals Tasha Thomas - backing vocals Chorus under the batute of maestro Howard Roberts


hello peixe
i´m very pleased, that you remember and posted my request. i like niemen´s singing A LOT. maybe you can find the musician list to that album, too?

i love also polish singer stanislav sojka, who to my opinion can be described as the polish zucchero...well, at least with some titles).
you have a really nice blog, which i visit regularly. keep up the good work.
in the future i will possibly contribute to some blogsites i love with some postings from my large vinyl collection

dear peixe
i almost forgot how good that album is...

by the way: you falsely marked the tracks:
change 1 with 5 (an vice versa), the same with 2 & 4. hope to get mourner´s rhapsody as well, dear friend.

Point on you and shame on me.I listen loads of music lately,and frankly i didn't have the time to check this one out...First heard,must admit that is really a beautiful piece with some King Crimson echoes in the background and i will definately give it a second try.I've just changed the tracks and added the lineup,hope to get Mourners Rhapsody until saturday.AFAIK it's circa 20 minutes long, english version of Mournful Rhapsody In Memory Of Bem.Is that a fact?

Would be great to have such experienced contributor on our side, I'm sure you could help us a lot:)

I've got Soyka's Cud Niepamieci(sorta the best of album) and don't see anything wrong about posting it here, so stay tuned:)

Cheers, peixe.

Thankx for your music, I didn't konw this artist but in Italian language Terra Deflorata means:deflowered land(like a women),now stoped the download I'll listen to. The visit into your blog is a suggestion of a common friend: Hermanthegerman.Ciao

hi peixe,
above you wrote..."hope to get Mourners Rhapsody until saturday".

well, ehm, today is saturday...

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you can contact me via my avaxhome login-name, maybe you can send your email-adress to there, so that i can send you the textfile of my mobile harddisc mp3 content.
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best wishes

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