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Montag, Juni 19, 2006 

Kyuss-...And The Circus Leaves Town(1995)

USA,Kaff Palm Desert CA 1995

This album completes the legendary trilogy alongside the other classics 'Welcome to Sky Valley' and 'Blues For the Red Sun'. With this album, their last full length, Kyuss alter their sound and style slightly, creating a deeper and lower guitar tone and generally slower tempos. The result is a huge moody monolith of an album that sweeps aside thousands of other 'stoner' bands. '...And The Circus Leaves Town' is a fine way for Kyuss to wave goodbye after a truly legendary and tragically short-lived career. 'Hurricane' boots things off in short and sweet rocking style. It's a fun rocker, but a rather mediocre start to the album when considering the immediately engulfing openers from their past albums. But this I found would be the style of the album, it is a slow burner, gradually progressing and weaving. 'One Inch Man' is another short and sharp track, but this time the band creates a more subtle and sophisticated song. Homme's guitar paying especially shines on this with some very cool and almost psychedelic guitar effects, complemented by the classic John Garcia raspy vocal delivery. Generally John's vocals are less in the mix with this album when compared to previous releases, taking a seat behind Homme's guitar playing, which is at its all time best. The album really picks up when 'Phototropic' begins. This song shows a new side to Kyuss - a moodier, more melancholic sound with a slow, brooding build up leading to the desperate croons of John singing 'under light I have never seen/reach up to the sun'. 'El Rodeo' continues the moodier, atmospheric style, once again building to huge walls of sound and John's emotionally packed vocals. Often seen as a two-song piece, it remains a highlight of Kyuss' career. 'Tangy Tizzle' starts the closing of the album. It is the best closing in Kyuss' career, and simply one of the best in metal and rock history. Personally I feel the last four tracks on this album create the pinnacle to Kyuss' short-lived career. After the heavy and fun rocker of 'Tangy Tizzle', something more similar to 'Blues For The red Sun' style, 'Size Queen' delivers one of Kyuss' best songs. Striking me as a combination of the 'Sky Valley' structure of verse/chorus (something the band generally get away from on this album, most of the songs just flow into different sections), and the newer moody, brooding guitar tone this album introduces. Then 'Catamaran' hits the listener with its sheer beauty. Calming yet highly melancholic, it makes for great reflective listening, recalling all sorts of feelings depending on your mood - sometimes it feels very lonely and vast, sometimes it's a cool summers breeze with a refreshing 'cool air'. Whatever it evokes, it is a masterpiece of simplicity. 'Spaceship Landing' comes crashing in with its bellowing drums and dirty sounding guitars. Starting off like a straight-forward heavy rocker with angst-ridden lyrics about insecurity and drunkenness, the band then display their talents and exactly why they are the kings of the genre. A simply gigantic riff comes in, slowing the song down to a menacing, brutal pace. One of Homme's best riffs ever, and he knows it, he carries on, each bar like a sweeping body blow. Then once again the band change direction, a new riff is introduced, and again it's slow and powerful. And again...AGAIN they change things up; this time it's a psychedelic section full of dreamy vocals from John and slow, threatening build-up work. Then bang, back to the initial monster of a riff, putting a huge smile on my face and a wave of excitement and adrenaline every time. This song is such a tribute to the band's talents. Their ability to create simply amazing riffs and melodies - sharp direction changes - complex structures...all in one epic track. I cannot praise this closer enough.
Quite simply this is one of the best metal albums you will ever hear. I find it amazing some people call this their worst effort, or even a 'boring' album. The quality of musicianship is unbelievable, making other `stoner' rip-offs look like dummies. Tom Clatworthy(London)

Pajechali...Nazwa tego albumu wyraza wszystko co mialbym do powiedzenia na temat wystepu naszych uroczych chlopakow na najbardziej popularnej(pomijajac wybory do sejmu)imprezie naszej planety.Wygrzebywujac rzeczona plytke z komisowego regalu,sugerowalem sie pochwalnymi recenzjami tworczosci Kyussa,przeczytanych niegdys w legendarnym ,niestety nieistniejacym juz,swiec Panie nad jego dusza magazynie Produkt,oraz pieknym Catamaranem,ktory udalo mi sie juz wczesniej uslyszec.Z braku czasu i nawalu innych wydawnictw przesunalem jednak konsumpcje tego dziela na czas nieokreslony i dopiero przygnebienie wywolane "honorowa porazka" z Niemcami spowodowalo w tej materii pewien przelom.Ujme to krotko,bylo warto-sluchajac tego melodyjnego lojenia przezylem prawdziwy katharsis i przypomnialem sobie czasy gdy jako zbuntowany mlokos szalalem w potarganych spodniach fundujac biednemu Kasprzakowi i kochanym sasiadom wycieczki w stylu od Alice In Chains po Cannibal Corpse:).Jesli to jest najslabszy krazek Kyussa,to na Teutatesa pytam: jakie sa trzy poprzednie??Chyba bede to musial sprawdzic sam...

Track Listings:
2.One Inch Man
3.Thee Ol' Boozeroony
4.Gloria Lewis
6.El Rodeo
7.Jumbo Blimp Jumbo
8.Tangy Zizzle
9.Size Queen
11.Spaceship Landing


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